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What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is a condition in which the immune system invades the hair follicles, leading to hair loss. There are several types of alopecia. There is the alopecia in which you lose hair in select parts of the head while another type of alopecia exists in which you lose hair near the scalp of your head. Our staff at Utah Valley Dermatology has years of experience providing treatment this hair loss. We work closely with all of our patients to provide the best treatment for hair loss so that you feel happy and confident about your hair.

Popular Treatments

One popular method of treating alopecia is the supplement saw palmetto. Saw palmetto boosts your immune system and slows down the aging system which often contributes to the gradual hair loss in humans. For men in particular, saw palmetto limits the amount of DHT, a hormone that attacks men’s hair follicles. You can find saw palmetto at most health food stores.

Another way to treat hair loss is a medication called Minoxidil and some dermatology experts recommend this to their patients. Minoxidil is the only topical medication that’s approved by the FDA for female hair loss and it’s available as a liquid or as foam. It usually takes three to four months for the Minoxidil to work. You can come and ask our staff if this treatment is right for you.

Another idea is to take Rogaine, an over-the-counter medication that has been proven to be effective in treating mild forms of hair loss. You can also massage your scalp with natural oils such as coconut oil, carrot oil, jojoba oil or olive oil. A scalp massage gets the oils to your hair’s roots and stimulates hair growth.

Diet and Proper Nutrition

If you want to prevent alopecia, you should eat healthier foods. For example, foods such as dark leafy greens, citrus fruits and lean meats are rich in vitamins B, C and E, which contribute to gradual hair growth. Also take some hair, skin and nail vitamins and drink plenty of water during the day as this hydrates the hair’s follicles.

In conclusion, whether you have alopecia or trying to prevent it, it’s important that your hair gets the right nutrients and vitamins so your hair won’t thin out over the years. Thanks to the advances in medicine, it’s also possible to use prescriptions to increase hair growth.

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