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Help A Dane: Hilarious Sun Safety Ad

Skin Cancer Ad DenmarkPeople from Denmark have a high incidence of melanoma, and the Danish Cancer Society is trying to counter this trend with some awesome public safety ads.

The ads depict a serious man at a desk offering a plea in foreign languages, that the residents of these countries will Help a Dane avoid sunburn. Then the camera pans to a bunch of sunburned Danes in bathing suites with somber faces. These humorous ads acknowledge that locals of countries like Thailand, France and Greece are better at protecting themselves from the sun than the Danes.

The message from the Danish Cancer Society is one that applies to us in Utah as well:

• Find shade whenever possible
• Where a hat that protects you from the sun
• Use sunscreen

And there is no better time for this message than now, when the summer is starting.

Check out the ads here: www.helpadane.com/home/

Read more about efforts behind the ad: www.medscape.com/viewarticle/875861

shade importanceUtah and Denmark: Some Similar Issues

Just like the Danes, sometimes we in Utah don’t change our behavior enough when summer hits, whether we stay home or are travelling abroad. Skin cancer rates are too high in Utah, and we need to take greater precautions against sun damage.

Remember to always limit sun exposure as much as possible. And help out those around you, especially your children. And if you’re only going to remember one rule, this is it: have fun in the sun, but don’t get burned.

And if it applies, help a Dane.

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