Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser hair removal is a procedure that has many people coming into our office. The way laser hair removal works is that a small laser is put into each hair follicle and destroys the hair follicle so it can no longer grow hair.

Because of the rise in popularity, there are a lot of questions about whether this procedure is safe. That is why we always recommend going to a trained, certified dermatologist. When done correctly, a cosmetic dermatologist doing a laser hair treatment will not even puncture the skin. This is because the laser is put into an existing hole in the body, where the hair follicle is, so it is quite safe to do as you are not puncturing the skin.

Does it require multiple treatments?

Laser hair removal does require multiple treatments. The best way to prevent any complications is to follow the specific care guidelines pre and post laser hair removal that are provided by your cosmetic dermatologist. When you receive your laser hair treatment at Utah Valley Dermatology, we work with you to create a clear plan of action from before the treatment, to maintaining the benefits of hair removal for months and years to come.

Why choose a cosmetic dermatologist?

If this is a procedure you are thinking about, make sure you consult with the cosmetic dermatologist so they are aware of any potential skin conditions, even sensitive skin issues as this can change the recommended care treatments after the procedure. When you work with Utah Valley Dermatology, we look at your unique skin to be sure that the treatment will work for you.

While this procedure is safe, there are some things to know about laser hair removal. Post treatment, the skin will turn a slight shade of pink like a sunburn and often have a sting to it as it was treated with a laser. A topical anesthetic cream is provided to help alleviate these symptoms.

When performed by a cosmetic dermatologist, there are very few risks of any complication and this procedure is considered to be completely safe. It is important to understand what the procedure is and have it performed by a reputable cosmetic dermatologist.

Laser Hair Removal at Utah Valley Dermatology

Our staff has years of experience helping those who want a more permanent solution to hair removal. Please call for a consultation and we can get you started with permanent hair removal.

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