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Ultherapy: Who Should Try It?

The Future of Skin Rejuvenation

When it comes to the brow, chin, neck and chest, lifting the skin is traditionally tied to some kind of surgery. Naturally, this is a big turn-off to some people. Probably most people. Ultherapy effectively changes all of that as it produces excellent lifting, rejuvenating results with little to no discomfort.

Every day, many people are opting for this alternative therapy as the means to rejuvenate their face and other parts of the body, and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Ultherapy utilizes the science of ultrasound technology, which has been safely used in the medical field for over 50 years. But what is ultrasound? Ultrasound is soundwaves with frequencies higher than the audible limit of human hearing. Ultrasound technology is used in a wide variety of fields. Its application in the beauty and skin care field is  quickly rising in popularity as science discovers new and incredible uses. This high-precision Ultherapy procedure is currently the only FDA approved non-invasive procedure for skin and neck lifts.

This kind of therapy as applied for rejuvenating purposes uses Ultrasound, or sonic waves, to target the cellular heat centers just beneath the skin and cause cellular friction which leads to collagen contraction and denaturation, harnessing the heat produced to essentially shake the collagen into action so that it can start rebuilding, therefore tightening and lifting the skin and other tissues underlying the skin.

The procedure itself isn’t complicated, however. Sonogram gel is applied to the skin and a specially designed Ultrasound wand is pressed against it, sending the sound waves under the skin. Some patients may experience slight discomfort, with the sensation of heat that is not quite burning, but can be uncomfortable for some. Fortunately, the procedure does not cause any pain at all, which makes the duration of it – normally between 30 to 90 minutes – a relatively easy experience. Several sessions spread out over weeks or months are necessary for best results.

Side effects are few, with rare cases of very mild swelling manifesting for around 3 days after the procedure, and a slight numbness that quickly dissipates within a handful of days.

Who should use Ulthera?

Ultherapy is growing in popularity and for good reason, as it is highly effective and it harnesses the very cells that make up human skin to produce its revolutionary rejuvenating effects.

Patients who undergo Ultherapy treatment will generally see results within a few days, with their skin growing tighter and looking younger and rejuvenated. In the following weeks changes become more noticeable, as patients have shown folds of skin effectively disappearing completely and wrinkles no longer showing at all. After months of this therapy – typically around 4 months of it – patients show the maximized results.

Brow lift is one of the best uses of Ultherapy. Sunken eyes are one of the most dominant signs of aging, and this treatment can reverse those signs.


Ultherapy is an especially effective rejuvenation treatment and Utah Valley Dermatology & Dr. David Myers are happy to offer it to our clients and patients. If you are interested in finding out more about Ultherapy and what it can do for you, Utah Valley Dermatology is happy to help!