Torn Earlobe

Torn earlobes are a common problem, especially among individuals who wear heavy earrings or who have stretched earlobes. A torn earlobe occurs when the skin or tissue around the piercing hole tears or stretches beyond its capacity. This can result in pain, bleeding, and a noticeable deformity in the earlobe. While some small tears may heal on their own, larger or more severe tears require medical intervention to repair the tissue and restore the earlobe to its natural shape.
A dermatologist can help individuals with torn earlobes by providing expert treatment and care. Depending on the severity of the tear, a dermatologist may recommend one of several options for repair, including stitching the tear back together, using skin glue to close the wound, or performing a surgical procedure to remove excess tissue and repair the damage. Additionally, a dermatologist can provide guidance on how to properly care for the earlobe during the healing process and offer advice on how to prevent future injuries or tears. By seeking help from one of our dermatologists, individuals can restore the appearance of their earlobes and avoid long-term damage or scarring.


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