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Two Thigh Lipomas

Elbow Drainage | Elbow (Olecranon) Bursitis

Tricky Lipoma Removal

Annoying Back Cyst

Small Chest Cyst Removal

Back Cyst Removal

Clean Cut Cyst

Canned Peaches Lipoma Removal

Stubborn Blackhead Removal

Waterfall Cyst

Massive Back Lipoma Removed After 8 Years

Sloppy Cyst

The 4th Lipoma

3 Lipomas, 1 Incision

So Many Pimples To Squeeze | For the Pimple Sleepers

Glowing Orange Toes | Erythrasma, Strange Bacteria Infection

Drainage of Irritated Shoulder Cyst

Rocket Cyst

Cement in Lip for 7 YEARS

Pilar Cyst Removal

Double Decker Cyst

Twin Lipomas Pop Out Together

Drainage of Cyst Behind the Ear

Enormous Pyogenic Granuloma Removal

Growth Removal From Head, Pilar Cyst

Removing 14 Lipomas On the Arm

Drainage, Shave Biopsy, Cauterization of Digital Myxoid Cyst

Double Eyebrow Cyst

Cyst Removal From Head

Scar Correction

Keloid Removal

Pilar Cyst Removal

Skin Tag Removal

Cyst Drainage, Beneath Facial Mole

Earlobe Repair, Previously Gauged Ears

Lipoma Removal

Abcess Drainage