Cellulite is multifactorial and is related to genetic predisposition, hormonal profile and lifestyle. Cellulite can appear as a byproduct of the natural aging process, or can be accelerated by factors that may include changes in metabolism, individual physiology and skin architecture, diet and exercise habits, changes in connective tissue structure, changes in the microcirculatory system, and several other hormonal and genetic factors. Cellulite takes many forms, from skin roughness to deep pockets and divets.

While it is typically impossible to identify the multiple factors that cause cellulite in any given patient, UnionDerm has substantial expertise in treatments that will improve the appearance of the affected areas, in certain cases for several years. The “smoother” types of cellulite can be treated by delivering radio frequency and infrared energy to the underlying skin layers; we have often achieved excellent results with devices such as the Velashape III.

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