There are many options to remove unwanted face and body hair, ranging from cheap and simple things that you can do at home, to longer lasting spa treatments, to more permanent solutions provided at a physician’s office. You can read more information on laser hair removal in Dr. Chapas’s article on the Huffington Post.

At UnionDerm we offer the latest and most effective laser hair removal procedures to achieve permanent hair removal for all skin types. Effective hair removal requires several treatments, the number of which varies from patient to patient. Laser hair removal devices vary widely and we continuously research and evaluate hair removal lasers to make sure that we offer the best devices in terms of their efficacy, patient comfort and minimized potential side effects.

Our laser hair removal procedures are always performed by a board certified dermatologist and should not be compared to the laser hair removal services widely available in non-medical facilities from technicians with no medical training. The physician that will perform your procedure is trained to establish the highest energy appropriate, and thus obtain the best results without exposing you to unnecessary risks. Your physician will also identify any medical issues that indicate against laser treatment in the first place. In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, they are well experienced in quickly identifying and managing any adverse effects.


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