Why Some People Are More Prone to Acne According to Science

If you think we’re going to talk about genetics, you are wrong. Although family history can play a huge role in the occurrence of acne, recent scientific findings reveal that people who lead acne-free lives may have more bacteria, the good kind that is. Although we often talk about here at our Utah Valley dermatology practice that acne is also cause by bacteria, it looks like that not all kinds of bacteria are created equal after all!

Say Hello to P. Acnes

A study done by researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) discovered that apart from the bad guys which cause zits, there are actually good guys too. The bacterial strain that was discovered to protect the skin from acne is called Propionibacterium Acnes (P.Acnes). The researchers suggested that such findings may lead to new therapies in preventing and treating acne.

That said, genetics still play a big role. One study found that about 19% of acne is explained by environmental factors like diet and stress, while 81% of factors are genetics.

Other Research
We still have a lot to learn about acne. For example, one study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found that people who experienced acne actually tend to have younger-looking skin as they get older. What constitutes “healthy skin” is a pretty complicated question.

Acne Treatment in Utah County and Neighboring Areas

Here at our Utah county dermatology practice, we understand that acne can be difficult to treat yet there are a variety of treatments available and we will design an acne treatment plan that is specific for you. We are aggressive in our treatment of acne because we also want to prevent acne scarring.

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