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What is Excel V?

Excel V is the most advanced aesthetic technology that combines two powerfully precise lasers to target and eliminate vascular concerns (redness, unsightly veins) and benign pigmented lesions (age spots, sun spots, discoloration) on the face and body.

Most treatments require only one to two treatment sessions. The number of treatments will vary based on your condition. One of our board-certified dermatologists will discuss a costume treatment time during your consultation.

What can I expect with Excel V?
Redness and/or swelling can be expected following treatment and will resolve within a few days. Treated brown spots will darken and slough off within 3-6 days. Excel V, feels similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Depending on the procedure, a cooled tip treatment will be in contact with the skin to protect and provide comfort to the area.

What areas does Excel V Treat

  • Face
  • Body



  • Skin Resurfacing


  • Quick  treatment for small areas  5-10 min
  • Results in a few days


  • Reduce the appearance of age spots/sun spots
  • Significantly reduces facial redness


If you’re thinking about next steps, get in touch to schedule a consultation.