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Hand Dermatitis, also known as Hand Eczema, is an extremely common condition treated at Utah Valley Dermatology. Because the hands perform so many different tasks day-to-day, they are routinely exposed to irritating agents. Hand rashes usually result from a combination of sensitive skin and irritation or allergies from materials touched.

One of the most common causes of hand dermatitis is excessive hand washing. When you wash your hands, you are stripping off oils from the skin, and as the skin goes from wet to dry multiple times a day, it can dry out and irritate the skin. 

Some ways to protect your skin from Hand Dermatitis is to wear gloves, avoid chemicals, use lukewarm water to wash your hands, and use hand sanitizer in place of washing hands when possible. Utah Valley Dermatology providers can help prescribe ointments that can also speed along the healing process.


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