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Skin Care Myths

It can be tempting to get lured into fantastic claims on skin care product packaging, and to believe stories from people on the internet about how they transformed their skin. But be wary of the myths and bogus claims.

skin care myths water for better skin

Here are some common myths:

Drinking Excessive Amounts of Water Means Better Skin

Drinking water doesn’t lead to better skin hydration, nor does it flush out toxins, as some may claim. Drinking water won’t reduce the chance of wrinkles either. Water is important, but drinking tons of it won’t magically give you excellent skin.

Moisturizers Stop Working Over Time So I Need New Ones

It isn’t likely that your moisturizers, serums and other skin care products don’t work any more. What’s more likely is that your body is changing, and your skin might need some tweaks to your skin care routine. Be mindful of changes such as hormone fluctuations, weather and humidity changes.

Natural Is Better

Not in every case. To many products are labeled “natural” for this to be a reliable approach to your skin care. It’s hard to know the criteria used for each product to decide if it really is natural. And above all, many synthetic products simply work better than a natural alternative.

I’m Older So I Need a Special Skin Care Product

Skin care products are generally designed to treat certain conditions, not certain ages. If you’re dealing with dryness, pigmentation, spots, or whatever it may be, pick a product that deals with your specific issue.

I Don’t Need Sunscreen Because My Moisturizer And Makeup Have SPF

This is false, and a risky attitude, since the sun can be so damaging to skin, especially in Utah. Chance are, you’re simply not applying enough moisturizer or makeup to provide enough defense against the sun.