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Get Your Skin Ready For Spring and Summer

summer skin ready

Spring and summer mean shirts without sleeves and showing more skin. Get ready for the warmer weather now so your skin looks great when it comes time to show it off.

The Skin Issues We Face In Utah

It’s a high desert here, meaning skin gets dry really fast. Dry skin isn’t soft, it cracks, and it looks older than it really is. But what are the best ways to combat the dry skin in time for spring and summer?

Hydration is key. Use moisturizers daily. A dermatologist’s secret is this: apply moisturizer directly after getting out of the shower and pat drying off. And in addition, take the temperature down a notch in the shower. Hot water robs the skin of moisture. Go with warm rather than hot.

Cracked Heels

For cracked heels, Aquaphor is a good brand to try, according to Dr. Myers. Amlactin is also a good brand to try. They have a foot cream that works well to gradually heal cracks in the heel.

Keratosis Pilaris (Tiny Bumps On The Skin)

This is a harmless condition that is often accompanied by itchiness and dryness. The bumps often appear on the upper arms and thighs. The rough bumps on the skin can become more noticeable if the skin is dry. Treat the roughness with a moisturizer that contains urea or lactic acid.

Chalky Knees

For thick and dry knees, Dr. Myers recommends a thick moisturizer. But, he says, pretty much any moisturizer applied right after drying off from a shower will do your skin some good.

Backne (Back Acne)

Pimples on the back; not fun for warmer weather when you might be swimming, running without a shirt, etc. Avoid this problem with a benzoyl peroxide wash, like Ellie Ultimate Acne Wash. Many brands contain this ingredient.