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Experience the difference! Utah Valley Medical Spa is a leading provider of medical-grade skincare treatments in Lehi, Utah and is lead by Dr. David Myers. With a team of experienced and licensed medical professionals, Utah Valley Medical Spa offers a range of treatments to help patients achieve their skincare goals. Utah Valley Medical Spa has a solution to suit every patient’s needs. 

The spa’s welcoming and relaxing environment allows patients to unwind and feel at ease during their treatment, while the use of cutting-edge technology ensures that patients receive the best possible results. With a commitment to patient satisfaction and safety, Utah Valley Medical Spa is a trusted provider of skincare treatments in the Lehi area. We also have free consultations with one of our Master Aestheticians to help with your skincare concerns. 

Onsite Dermatologist

Dr. David Myers is our certified Expert Injector. He has helped hundreds of patients to attain their desired appearance with his injections of Botox and fillers. Text or call our office at (801) 768-8800 to schedule your consultation with Dr. David Myers to see how he can help you with your skincare needs.



If you’re thinking about next steps, call or text us at (801) 768-8800 to schedule a consultation.

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