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What is Cosmetic Dermatology?

Many who are unfamiliar with cosmetic dermatology and the procedures assume that the perfect skin can only come from moisturizers, cleansers, and toners. But there are a variety of other skin ailments that affect thousands that cannot be fixed with a simple cream. Working with a cosmetic dermatologist, you can have beautiful looking skin easily and efficiently, helping you look more beautiful and feel more confident.

What does a cosmetic dermatologist do?

Cosmetic dermatologists are medical doctors who specialize in the area of skin conditions, whether it be to treat, diagnose, or prevent these conditions. Some of the most common cosmetic dermatology procedures include: botox, laser hair removal, cosmetic surgeries, and chemical peels. Whether a patient is experiencing teenage acne or a patient has skin cancer, there are many ways that a cosmetic dermatologist can help.

Many of us want to look beautiful and confident, especially as we enter our Golden Years. Many look for the assistance of a cosmetic dermatologist for help. Dr. Myers at Utah Valley Dermatology has spent years researching how to help maintain beautiful, healthy skin for patients of all ages. From teenagers who suffer form acne and other hormonal cosmetic issues, to maturing adults fighting off wrinkles or hair loss, Utah Valley Dermatology is ready to help.

Utah Valley Dermatology is World Class Skin Care

With facial treatments such as botox or hair removal services such as laser hair removal, Utah Valley Dermatology is a “one stop shop” for anyone who is looking to revitalize the way that their skin looks everyday. Regardless of your age or skin condition, a cosmetic dermatologist can help.

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